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12.30.09 - Episode 69

Episode 69 - Back again was Commander Sanni Ceto, Because of our technical difficulties we had to have her back we didn't want the listeners to miss out on all of her information.

12.28.09 - Episode 68

Episode 68 - Joining us again is Commander Sanni Ceto, who believes she is a human/Alien Hybrid. we had some techical difficulties this show there are missing parts in hours 1 and 2 - This is guest hosted with us by Shannon Slyvia

12.23.09 - Episode 67

Episode 67 - We talk to Dr. Stephen Rorke about Spiritcon and his research on the possible hoax of what is considered some of the most compelling ITC evidence.

12.20.09 - Episode 66

Episode 66 - Join us for 2 hours of free talk then our fun conversation with author of the Flagglers Few Graphic novel Andre Frattino

12.16.09 - Episode 65

Episode 65 - Join us as we talk to Shannon Sylvia from Season 1 of Ghost Hunters International about her new equipment, her time on GHI and other paranormal adventures.

12.13.09 - Episode 64

Episode 64 - We talk to Donna Stewart the host of Psi Fi Para Radio and joining us the 3rd hour is Paranormal Tv Network's "Haunted Hillbillies" host Steve (The Electronic Medium) Hill, talking to us about ghost box communication and sharing with us some of his recordings

12.09.09 - Episode 63

Technical Difficulties
No Download Available
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Episode 63 - We interviewd Jeff Rezman about the ghost box,due to technical difficulties we have no audio from this show.

12.06.09 - Episode 62

Episode 61 - We talk to Louis about Al Capones terror haunting and about his book "Al Capone the Last Days: A Terror Haunting.". Then we speak to Patrick H.T. Doyle about Haunted Hoax, Oultier Radio and his book Series Edgar Font

12.03.09 - Episode 61

Episode 61 - We speak with Jason Gowin, Star of the highly debated A&E's Extreme Paranormal

11.29.09 - Episode 60

Episode 60 - We speak with T. Patrick Rooney about Zombies and explore the Fakes in the field with www.SciFake.com creator Ron Tebo

11.25.09 - Episode 59

Episode 59 - We speak with Greg Newkirk founder and editor of www.whofortedblog.com

11.11.09 - Episode 58

Episode 58 Join us as we speak to Parapsychologist and Author Loyd Auerbach and hear him admit he is a Jedi.

11.08.09 - Episode 57

Episode 57 Join us as we talk to Debra Pickmen as seen on "Sightings" Debra tells us about her life in the Sallie House, Debra joins us for the full 2 hours.
11.04.09 - Episode 56
Episode 56 we talk with Ouija historian and creator of www.williamfuld.com, Robert Murch.

11.01.09 - Episode 55

Episode 57 in Hour 2 we speak to Esther Luttrell the author of the book "Dear Dean, Love Mom" a true story of her deceased son's will to bring her messages from beyond. Hour three we have a surprise appearance by our good friend Kenny Biddle of PIRA speaking about his ideas on some of the equipment currently being used in paranormal investigations.

10.28.09 - Episode 54

Episode 54 - We talk UFO's with William Konkolesky the Director of the Michigan MUFON chapter

10.25.09 - Episode 53

Episode 53 - We speak Near Death Experiences with Dr. Atwater

10.21.09 - Episode 52

Episode 52 - In hour 2 we speak with Magus Peter H. Gilmore the High Priest of the Church of Satan

10.14.09 - Episode 51

Episode 51 -The always lovely Marie D. Jones returns to discuss the ideas put forth in her latest book, "The Resonance Key."

10.11.09 - Episode 50

Episode 50 - We talk with Nick Redfern about his latest book, "Science Fiction Secrets" and, of course, monsters!

10.07.09 - Episode 49

Episode 49 - Spirit Photography and the Ghosts of Chicago are the topic as we welcome in Ghost Research Society President and Founder Dale Kaczmarek.

10.04.09 - Episode 48

Episode 48 - Aside from the Zapruder Film, has any other piece of footage been analyzed as much as the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Film? We get the opinion of Jeff Hilling about its authenticity. We also welcome back Vince Wilson to talk Ghost Tech and Ghost Science, and to ruffle the feathers of the paranormal establishment.

09.30.09 - Episode 47

Episode 47 - We discuss the always controversial Frank's Box with researcher Steve Hultay.

09.27.09 - Episode 46

Episode 46 - Jason Gowin returns to give us a sneak peek of his upcoming A&E program "Extreme Paranormal" and to recount some of the fun we had together at the Mothman Festival. We also talk to Nick Spantgos of Paranormal Research Investigators about ghost investigation.

09.23.09 - Episode 45

Episode 45 - Dave Schrader, host of Darkness Radio, is our guest and talks about his book "The Other Side," his upcoming stint as Ghost Adventures Live correspondent, and offers up some tips for doing a good paranormal talk show to the crew.

09.20.09 - Episode 44

Episode 44 - Dr. Jaysen Rand returns to talk about "The Return of Planet X

09.16.09 - Episode 43

Episode 43 - In our first ever Wednesday evening show, Rosemary Ellen Guiley drops by to discuss everything from Shadow People to Demons and Frank's Box communication.

09.13.09 - Episode 42

Episode 42 - We talk Tarot with Scotty Roberts and tiptoe through the Shadow World with "Real Vampires" author and living legend Brad Steiger

09.05.09 - Episode 41

Episode 41 - We're back LIVE from Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia at the "Save Fort Mifflin" event. Our guests include John Zaffis, Shannon Sylvia, Tony Selletti and Paul Michael Kane

08.30.09 - Episode 40

Episode 40 - We laugh with "paranormal comedian" Mike Brody who talks about some of his recent adventures in ghost hunting, and we also get crazy with the directors of "Children of the Grave" and "The Possessed" the Booth Brothers.

08.23.09 - Episode 39

Episode 39 - We get a lesson in fact and myth from Eastern State Penitentiary historian Paul Kahan who is the author of "Eastern State Penitentiary: A History." We also talk Demonology with former TAPS/Ghost Hunters star, and author of "Paranormal Realities," Keith Johnson

08.16.09 - Episode 38

Episode 38 - The life and times of a spirit medium with Barb Mallon. We also welcome in Ken Gerhard to talk about the thrill of a monster hunt.

08.09.09 - Episode 37

Episode 37 - We explore the adventures of the charismatic medium Gavin Cromwell. We also welcome back the always intriguing Sanni Ceto to tell her story of being both the reincarnation of an alien who crashed at Roswell, and a hybrid alien in human form.

08.02.09 - Episode 36

Episode 36 - - Dr. Jaysen Rand warns us of the impending doom foretold in his book "The Return of Planet X." We also talk with the very engaging star of "UFO Hunters" and the publisher of UFO Magazine, Bill Birnes.

7.26.09 - Episode 35

Episode 35 - is our guest as we talk "Coast to Coast Ghosts" and she recounts some of her favorite ghost stories…as well as the time her mom introduced her to Ted Bundy

7.19.09 - Episode 34

Episode 34 - Bernie Tocholke tells us about his life in, and subsequent escape from, a religious cult as chronicled in his book "Torn Asunder." We also talk 2012 and Time Prompt Phenomenon with Fortean writer Marie D. Jones

7.12.09 - Episode 33

Episode 33 - We explore the history and haunting of Bobby Mackey's Music World with the great Bobby Mackey himself. We also talk to Tim Yancey, host of the Encounters Paranormal Radio Series, about his life and times in the paranormal.

7.5.09 - Episode 32

Episode 32 - We talk to Andre Frattino about his upcoming "Flagler's Few" ghost hunter themed comic book. And we delve deep into the story of the Watseka Wonder with Roff Home owner John Whitman.

6.28.09 - Episode 31

Episode 31 - Jason Gowin tells us about his life in the paranormal, including being mentored by "Amityville Horror" experiencer George Lutz. We also take a walk through the Shadowlands with Dave Juliano

6.21.09 - Episode 30

Episode 30 - We celebrate Father's Day with a visit from foremost Near Death Experience researcher, and author of "Life After Life" Dr. Raymond Moody. We also have a discussion of Orbs with Mark Davis.

6.13.09 - Episode 29

Episode 29 - Pamela K. Kinney drops by to discuss the hauntings of Virginia. and ghost tech with Vince Wilson

6.7.09 - Episode 28

Episode 28 - K. Paul Johnson discusses Theosophy and the Modern Spiritualist movement with us.

5.31.09 - Episode 27

Episode 27 - We talk creepy crawlers and crytpids with Michigan rep of the Center for Fortean Zoology Kathleen "Raven" Meindel, and talk to "Dark Force" author Bill Bean about surviving a violent haunting

5.24.09 - Episode 26

Episode 26 - Robyn McKinney drops in to discuss how the "Save Fort Mifflin" event went, and we also talk to Dr. Robert Schoch about his book "The Parapsychology Revolution."

5.19.09 - Episode 25

Episode 25 -LIVE from Fort Mifflin with Robyn and Mark from PARA, as well as Shannon Sylvia, formerly of Ghost Hunters International.

5.10.09 - Episode 24

Episode 24 -We explore the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle with Gian Quasar, and fakery in the paranormal with Haunted Hoax host (and author of the Edgar Font book series) Patrick HT Doyle.

5.03.09 - Episode 23

Episode 23 - Stacy Horn recounts the "Unbelievable" story of J.B. Rhine and the Duke Parapsychology lab. We also talk to Dr. Judy Griffin about Aromatherapy.

4.26.09 - Episode 22

Episode 22 - focus on psi today with the legendary Dr. William Roll who regales us with the cases that shaped his career, and we also talk to Dr. Boyce Batey of the ASPSI.

4.19.09 - Episode 21

Episode 21 -It's all UFO talk as we talk with show favorite Commander Sanni Ceto who claims to be a hybrid Alien, and the reincarnation of the ET that crashed at Roswell. Col Jesse Marcel discusses his "Roswell Legacy."

4.5.09 - Episode 20

Episode 20 -We talk folklore with S.E. Schlosser and hear stories from her "Spooky" book series. Jeff Belanger drops in to discuss his latest book and inject some much needed humor into the paranormal

3.29.09 - Episode 19

Episode 19 -Wil Tracer stops by to explain why we never landed on the moon.

3.22.09 - Episode 18

Episode 18 - R. Gary Patterson discusses Rock n Roll myths, legends, and curses. David Acord talks monsters and "The Cryptid Chrinicles"

3.15.09 - Episode 17

Episode 17 - We search for Bigfoot and discuss hoaxes involving Tom Biscardi with Java Bob Schmalzbach. Brian Harnois, of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International fame discusses his time on the shows.

3.8.09 - Episode 16

Episode 16 - We discuss the possibility of Extraterrestrial visitation with Stanton Friedman and discuss pandemics and epidemics with Epidemiologist Kevin Aston.

3.1.09 - Episode 15

Episode 15 - welcome Lanaia Lee to discuss her book "Of Atlantis" and to answer for charges of plagiarism. We also talk to "Growing Up Haunted" author Alexandra Holzer.

2.22.09 - Episode 14

Episode 14 - Anaesthetic Witch Monica Crimmins returns to talk about being a medium. We realize a dream by having Loyd Auerbach on the show to talk Parapsychology.

2.15.09 - Episode 13

Episode 13 -Anthony Selletti discusses his book, "Fort Mifflin: A Paranormal History." We also welcome back Robyn McKinney to the program to talk about the upcoming "Save Fort Mifflin" event.

2.8.09 - Episode 12

Episode 12 -Sherry Shriner warns us about the Reptilian invasion and the prophecies of Bible Code. We also talk ghost investigation with "Paranormal Southern Gentleman" Bob Hunnicut

2.1.09 - Episode 11

Episode 11 -Near Death Experiences is the topic today. Our guest is "Saved by the Light" author and lecturer Dannion Brinkley.

1.26.09 - Episode 10

Episode 10 -Beatrice Marot joins us to talk about psychic phenomenon and the feud with Chip Coffey. We also discuss the Beast of Bray Road with Linda Godfrey.

1.11.09 - Episode 8

Episode 8 -We visit with Jeff Wamsley and talk the facts and legend of the Mothman. Also, Dave Considine drops by to discuss Demonology.

1.4.09 - Episode 7

Episode 7 -We talk to Chip Coffey about psychic phenomenon, the Paranormal State controversies and his feud with Beatrice Marot. We discuss paranormal investigation with Quest Research Founder and "Ghost Diaries" star Tobin Wilkerson. We also tackle EVP with Mark and Debbie Constantinos.


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