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12.26.10 - Episode 128

Episode 128 - We welcome back Sanni Ceto our favorite Hybrid alien. and ana martin another alien friend of ours.

12.19.10 - Episode 127

Episode 127 - We talk to comic book writer Dirk about Nightmare World and his upcoming projecs and current Projects, Then we speak with Howie Noel, creator of Tara Normal a web comic and strip in TAPS para magazine.

12.12.10 - Episode 126

Episode 126 - First we speak to Nathan Schoonover, The "Demon hunter" on Ghostman and Demon hunter show and star of A&E's Extreme Paranormal about the occult. Then we speak to Dr. Paul Kurtz the professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the State University of New York as well as the founder of the Center For Inquiry and Council for Secular Humanism

12.05.10 - Episode 125

Episode 125 - We speak with Rob Moccio of TAPS home team about investigation methods and what it means to be in the TAPS home team. no 2nd guest this episode

11.28.10 - Episode 124

Episode 124 - Keith talks about his book "Strange Company: Military Encounters with UFOs in World War 2". Then we speak with Dr. Raymond Moody about the concept of the Near Death Experience

11.21.10 - Episode 123

Episode 123 - The Freqs celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the show with various banter, anger, rants and raves. With a few special calls from Scott G of the STU and Jeffy Sylvia from Pararock TV

11.07.10 - Episode 122

Episode 122 - Bobby's solo show chatting with Jeramiah, Ben and Claire of Paradigm Project Radio.

10.31.10 - Episode 121

Episode 121 - The boys spend Halloween speaking to the amazing story teller S.E. Schlosser as she talks about spooky stories from around the world, Then they talk Cryptozoology with the amazing an always fun Ken Gerhard!

10.24.10 - Episode 120

Episode 120 - We talk FBI and Ghosts with SyFy's Fact of Faked Ben Hansen, and we speak about spirit communication with April Slaughter

10.17.10 - Episode 119

Episode 119 - The always intelligent and insightful Loyd Auerbach stops by to discuss parapsychology, the applications of its research, and the education available therein. Then, Ken Summers, author of "Queer Hauntings" drops in to talk gay and lesbian ghosts, and the topic of sexuality within the paranormal.

10.10.10 - Episode 118

Episode 118 - The gang celebrates OtherWorld Contact Day by trying to conjure entities from beyond our realm. Meanwhile, Micah Hanks of the Gralien Report, as well as the author of "Magic, Mysticism, and the Molecule," discusses UFOs and DMT. Then, Nick Redfern returns to discuss strange creatures and demonic Extraterrestrials as profiled in his latest books, "Monsters of Texas" and "Final Events." respectively.

10.03.10 - Episode 117

Episode 117 - Our buddy Bob Gilmer of Wichita Paranormal Research Society drops in to talk some shop with SFR, and Stan Romanek recounts his tale of alien encounters profiled in his book, "Messages."

9.28.10 - Episode 116

Episode 116 - Hugh Ross, of Reasons to Believe, stops by to discuss "The Creator and the Cosmos" and the evidence for Creationism. Brad Steiger returns to talk about his latest book, "Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, and Creatures From the Darkside."h campaign...and things get a little loud.

9.12.10 - Episode 115

Episode 115 - Blake Smith, host of the Monstertalk podcast, stops by to talk about skepticism and, well, monsters! Mike Berger, director of "Improbable Collapse," discusses the 9/11 Truth campaign...and things get a little loud.

9.05.10 - Episode 114

Episode 114 - Steven LaChance, who chronicled his first person account of surviving a violent haunting in the book "The Uninvited," stops by to tell us about the events that transpired at the location now known as the Union Screaming House.

8.29.10 - Episode 113

Episode 113 - We speak with Gina Lanier about meeting the devil face to face and Ghost sex, then we move on to Travis Walton about his Abduction story and clear up some rumors regarding the story that sparked the movie "Fire in the Sky"

8.22.10 - Episode 112

Episode 112 - Jeff Belanger checks in and talks with us about his new book and exactly what Legend Tripping is. Then we speak with Anthony Peake about Deja Vu and learn more than we could ever imagine on the subject!

8.15.10 - Episode 111

Episode 111 - We had some technical difficulties and you unfortunately will miss out on hearing Andre Frattino, but we do have the amazing Kenny Feder talking about archeology.

8.08.10 - Episode 110

Episode 110 - The boys delve into weird news, and discuss "magical thinking" that everyone engages in. Then Jeffrey Seelman of Starclear discusses psychic protection and the exorcism of negative energies.

8.01.10 - Episode 109

Episode 109 -We are joined by SFR's "West Coast Correspondent" Lou Castillo, "Creative Consultant" Rachel Wolf, as well as friend and investigator Benjamin Nichols to discuss all aspects of the paranormal, its community, and philosophies in this first ever Strange Frequencies Radio paranormal panel discussion.

7.25.10 - Episode 108

Episode 108 - Join us as we speak to the Senior Astronomer of S.E.T.I. (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) Seth Shostak, then we speak about the Phantom Hitchhiker Project with Clarissa Vazquez.

7.18.10 - Episode 107

Episode 107 - "Skeptical Medium" and Masters degree recipient Heathyr Hoffman stopped by to discuss the overlap between mental disorders and paranormal experiences, the nature of reality and, of course, mediumship. Massimo Pigliucci spoke about his new book, "Nonsense on Stilts: How to Tell Science From Bunk," as well as his recent (and somewhat controversial) lecture at The Amazing Meeting 8 where he took a few notable skeptics to task

7.11.10 - Episode 106

Episode 106 - Villisca Axe Murder House owner and tour guide Darwin Linn talked to us about the location of one of America's best known true crime stories and paranormal hotspots. And "UFO Hunter" Bill Birnes gave us some interesting food for thought about UFOs and possible ET cover-ups.

6.27.10 - Episode 105

Episode 105 - Today we start off with a discussion about free will and miracles then we welcome John Davis a memeber of the Flat Earth Society as he explains to us why he believes the earth is flat.

6.13.10 - Episode 104

Episode 104 -Join us as we speak to Jason offutt about shadow people and all things paranormal, and then Theriana about his life as a shape shifter

6.06.10 - Episode 103

Episode 103 - Back again the great Andre Frattino talking about his comic book stylings and ghost tours, and in Hour 3 we talk to our favorite Alien Hybrid Commander Sanni Ceto.

5.30.10 - Episode 102

Episode 102 - Today we speak to our good friends Eric of PEMA and Nancy of PZTV, two shows on Paranormal TV Network.

5.23.10 - Episode 101

Episode 101 - Today we speak to Heidi Hollis, author and researcher on UFO's, Shadow People and the "Hat Man"

5.16.10 - Episode 100

Episode 100 -100 EPISODES! Join us as we go over some of our favorite moments, guests and bloopers!

5.09.10 - Episode 99

Episode 99 -We welcome John Kachuba, noted author as we talk about his book Ghosthunting Ohio.

5.02.10 - Episode 98

Episode 98 -We welcome back James "The Amazing" Randi to talk about the million dollar challenge, psychics, the skeptic movement and dowsing!

4.25.10 - Episode 97

Episode 97 -Join us for free talk as usual, then we talk zombies and aliens with Sherry Shriner, ending it with Benjamin Radford a fantastic Skeptic / writer and editor!

4.18.10 - Episode 96

Episode 96 -We change it up with Patrick HT Doyle talking about his Edgar Font book Series, and the second hour we do Free Talk. and once again the Alien Human Hybrid Sanni Ceto tells us about her life.

4.11.10 - Episode 95

Episode 95 -Vince Wilson answers his critics in regards to the Booth House and certifying a haunting at Jenny Wade. Author and commentator Tracy Twyman discusses "Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA" and Ken Gerhard talks about, what else? Monsters!!

3.31.10 - Episode 94

Episode 94 -Self proclaimed Z-list actor Ken Arnold stops by to promote the fantastic web series ParaAbnormal

3.28.10 - Episode 93

Episode 93 -Dr Kenneth Feder discusses "Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries" and sorts out the science from the pseudoscience in archaeology.

3.24.10 - Episode 92

Episode 92 - We talk about ghosts, werewolves, angels, Fairy's and Demons with Rosemary Ellen Guiley

3.17.10 - Episode 91

Episode 91 - We laugh it up with Scott Gruenwald from The STU.

3.14.10 - Episode 90

Episode 90 - We talk parapsychology with Dr. Ciaran O'keefe, from television show Most Haunted.

3.10.10 - Episode 89

Episode 89 - We talk spontaneous human combustion with author Larry Arnold.

3.07.10 - Episode 88

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Episode 88 - LOST IN THE VAULT

3.03.10 - Episode 87

Episode 87 - Today we speak to Brian Dunning of Skeptoid! about shadow people, king tut's curse and the stigma behind being skeptical

2.28.10 - Episode 86

Episode 86 - Joining us is Demonologist Katie Boyd, and Medium Beckah Boyd

2.21.10 - Episode 85

Episode 85 - Today we talk grassroots paranormal investigating with Lake Erie Paranormal's founder Steve Rogers

2.21.10 - Episode 84

Episode 84 - we speak to Michael Menkin creator of a helmet that stops alien abductions and then we speak to Patrick Burns from Haunting Evidence

2.17.10 - Episode 83

Episode 83 - Today we talk werewolves to Linda Godfrey the author of Beat of Bray Road

2.14.10 - Episode 82

Episode 82 - Today we spend valentines day with our listeners as we take calls, talk about anything and everything under the sun, and drink away the lonlies.

2.10.10 - Episode 81

Episode 81 - Today we talk to Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Hunters, we tackle some difficult questions and talk about the field and his book "The Complete Approach"

2.07.10 - Episode 80

Episode 80 - We welcome Corvis Nocturm and discuss vampires, the Church of Satan and all things dark and mysterious. Then we speak to John Zaffis and Dana about Phenomonology102 and demonology, not to mention John's wooden leg!

2.03.10 - Episode 79

Episode 79 - Today we welcome Karl Pfeiffer who you'll remember from Ghost Hunters Academy as one of the two students who are moving on to Ghost Hunters International.

1.31.10 - Episode 78

Episode 78 - Hour 2 we welcome S. M. Belekurov the author of 2012: The Paranormal Cookbook, then hour 3 we welcome Dr. William Roll, noted Author and Parapsychologist
to discuss the role of parapsychology in the field today

1.27.10 - Episode 77

Episode 77 - We welcome Dr. Karen Stollznow writer of "The Skepbitch" blog and contributing writer of the Skeptical Inquirer along with many other publications. She calls herself an Author and Paranormal Investigator of the Skeptical Kind

1.24.10 - Episode 76

Episode 76 - GHI's own Barry Fitzgerald joins us to talk about his time on the show, his book, and provides a blanket marriage proposal to all the ladies in our chat room

1.20.10 - Episode 75

Episode 75 - AL things UFO's with Stanton T Friedman

1.17.10 - Episode 74

Episode 74 - Terri Garafalo joins us to talk about her comic strip Entities-r-us and we share our very own SFR Entities R Us comic!

1.13.10 - Episode 73

Episode 73 - Fantastic talk with Budd Hopkins, Author, Artist and founder of Intruders Foundation. Budd speaks about his Art, life and Alien Abduction cases along with his own sighting. This is a must listen!

1.10.10 - Episode 72

Episode 72 - We start off in hour two with Alan Richardson, Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune, and hour 3 we speak to Diane Powell the author of The ESP Enigma

1.6.10 - Episode 71

Episode 71 - Heathyr Hoffman joins us from Ghost Hunters Academy as she talks bout her time on the show, her idea's about the field as it stands, and mediumship.

1.3.10 - Episode 70

Episode 70 - Happy New Year! We kick off 2010 with our 1st annual Listener awards, and if that wasn't amazing enough, we bring you Mitch Silverstein of Nyack Paranormal to discuss his adaptations to current equipment used in investigating.


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